Monday, October 14, 2013

Android system defined colors

As you know there are already some defined colors in android.R.drawable, like dialog_holo_dark_frame or dialog_holo_light_frame. We can find them in Android SDK reference documents. But, you can not find the color value of the definitions and obviously the document does not list all the system colors.

I searched the AOSP soruce code then got the color list in framework, here it is (I love github, more beautiful than Google code site ^_^):

You can find all the color definitions used in AOSP, with values. The only problem is lacking the indicator what the color looks like.

I spent a while to search an existed tool for that but failed. Maybe I can write one later. It will be simple, just list all the system color values with a visible indicator so you can easily pick up one.

Update at 10.20:
Wrote a simple app to list the colors:

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