Sunday, October 13, 2013

Use Google Drive service accounts for store application-owned data

I wrote an app to backup user files from Android phone SD card to Google Drive, with the user's Google account of cause, and I was just thinking about whether I can backup some application-owned data, like the configures, to a application-owned Google account. After some searching I found Google provides a special type named Google Drive service account for that.

Here is the description from Googel Drive SDK, looks easy and funny, I will check it out how to use it in a Android app.

Use service accounts as application-owned accounts

Service accounts are accounts associated with a service or a project. They do not belong to a user and can only be accessed programmatically by the associated application.
Just like regular user accounts, service accounts have access to Google Drive through the Google Drive API. This allows you to authenticate as the service account in order to manage a Drive that belongs to your project.

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